Production \ Themes - Editing current theme

You can make further edits to the current theme. The theme editor works exactly the same way as a paint program. To edit the current theme:

  1. Click on the "Theme" icon on the toolbar.

  2. The "Themes" window will appear.

  3. Click "Edit Current Theme" button.

  4. The theme editor window will appear with your current them loaded.

  5. On the left of the theme editor window you will see the tools available. On the right are the color tools.

  6. You can identify the tools by placing the mouse cursor over the tool button and waiting a second for the tool-tip to appear or by selecting "Tools" in the menu at the top if the screen.

  7. Simply select your tool and draw on the template.

  8. Change colors by right or left mouse clicking on the color pallet.

  9. To save your edit click on the save blue floppy icon or selecting file then save from the menu.

  10. Exit the theme editor by selecting file exit from the menu or clicking the "X" button in the right top of the window.


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