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Click on the flash template images below to preview.

You can also use the 'Theme Editor' to change the 'look-and-feel' of the flash templates to suite your needs. The flash templates below are being used as websites but they can also be used as online electronic brochures, e-commercials, presentations, newsletters, resumes, photo albums, etc. Add and delete pages, create search engine meta tags. Our unique software makes it so easy. When you have finished building your new Flash website, simply drag-and-drop your files to your server using the in-built ftp program. It is so simple!

Auora doesn't suite your needs? Have a look at our other Flash Technology product Blueframe Web.

Only $79.95 $19.95

Can't afford to buy or do you want to 'try-before-you-buy'? Download our FREE version which consists of the Actix flash template with a link to our website.

  Flash Templates
  Actix - theme 1
  York - theme 1
  Marle - theme 1
  Coalor - theme 1
  Actix - theme 2
  York - theme 2
  Marle - theme 2
  Coalor - theme 2
  Actix - theme 3
  York - theme 3
  Marle - theme 3
  Coalor - theme 3


Only $79.95 $19.95


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